The Office

Enzo Bertuzzi, photographer, born in Gardone V.T. on January 11th 1960.


After High-School graduation, Enzo found a job in a mechanical company as designer.

In that very period he got closer to photography, at the beginning just as a simple hobby. As the time went by, however, this passion turned into something vital for him: it became the expression of his attitude to Art.

Spontaneity, movement, modernity and creativity have gradually become the symbols of Enzo’s photography, the characteristics that give life and heart both to the industrial and the wedding sphere.

For about twenty years Enzo has been gaining his place into the sector of Arm Photography and he currently works with the best Master Engravers in Val Trompia and with excellent gun makers.

The photography referring to this sector is cured in every detail and in the graphics in order to highlight the importance of this Work of Art, alone in its gender. This is the key, the soul of Enzo’s photography.

The images of engravings and guns have achieved a very modern and malleable style: they are able to impress apparently cold and static objects and turn them into full-of-warmth protagonists.

Enzo is also an expert of Industrial Photography and Advertising Design (many of his layouts have appeared into some of the most influential magazines of the arm sector).